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Fresno Unified School District Creates a Farm to School Brand

Fresno, California – The Farm to School Committee unanimously decided to take its first step in launching an innovative brand that bridges the gap between students and the advantageous lifestyle of healthy eating. On October 6, 2017, the Farm to School Committee selected its new brand and logo, for its Farm to School Initiative, which includes the launch of

Jose Alvarado, Director of Food Services for Fresno Unified School District, shared his opinion on the new innovation.

“’Fresh Grub,’” Alvarado said. “What a great way to spread the word about promoting local fruits and vegetables that are incorporated into school menus. The Fresh Grub brand allows us to connect with students each day by providing healthy and appetizing meals, using locally sourced fruits and vegetables. Fresh Grub helps students to remember the nutritional values and benefits of school breakfast and lunch.”

The Farm to School Committee is made up of members from the Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission (Fresno EOC), Fresno Unified School District (FUSD), UC CalFresh Nutrition Education Program, University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE), Fresno State University Office of Community and Economic Development, and Fresno and Madera Counties.

The sole goal of the committee was to create a local food brand that will impact 70,000 FUSD students. The goal of the committee is to help students understand the importance of healthy eating and the role of locally source food produdce.The branding process, reflective of the ideas of all stakeholders, was hard-fought, but the impact that it will have on our youth, will prove to be of great benefit.

“Fresh Grub is a unique platform which will allow us to further engage with our students and promote healthy eating,” said Elizabeth Jonasson Rosas, a FUSD Trustee Area 2. “We know how important proper nutrition is for the development of our kids and with Fresh Grub we have a way for fruits and vegetables to be more appealing to them.”

The Fresh Grub brand was created to appeal to students, therefore, students was included in the branding process. For example, a focus group of partners in the project, asked students for input and feedback on potential project names.

Additionally, Nasreen Michelle Johnson, Director of Marketing and Communications of Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission said,

“The art inspiration for the animated strawberry, ‘Freshie,’ came from a talented third grader at Edith B. Storey Elementary School.”

Fresh Grub will leave a positive imprint on our community as the brand is implemented and executed. The brand will be used throughout Fresno County on all marketing materials, templates and the website. As the Fresh Grub brands gains momentum, it is expected to generate a presence that will be visible to teachers, students, farmers, businesses and community members.

“This project will help our local growers capitalize on local market opportunities, while also ensuring that our kids have access to quality food grown in their own community,” said Jensen Vang, Food Systems Development Director of Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission.

If your school is not currently supporting local farms in your community, Farm Ready Education for School Health (FRESH) Program is a great way to become involved and to start your local farm to school initiative. For more info, please contact

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