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Fresno Area CSAs Customer box!

From Kelsey: “I’d heard of CSA boxes, but had never gotten around to trying one. I love summer fruits and this past June, I thought to myself “What better time to try a CSA box than summertime?!” I chose KMK Farms because they have the option to purchase a single box without having to commit to a subscription. Also, one of their pick up sites is downtown on my walk home from work – at our beloved Peeve’s Public House! The fact that I didn’t know what was inside the box made it even more exciting. Once I got the box home, I opened the lid and pulled everything out: carrots, summer squash, red onions, apricots, nectarines, romaine lettuce, Thai basil, and Lambsquarters (an edible wild green similar to spinach), each item individually wrapped in its own paper. Also included in the box was a newsletter with updates of life on the farm, suggestions for how to use the Lambsquarters and a recipe for Thai Basil Chicken. It was delicious! Thanks KMK Farms!”

Thank you Kelsey for that awesome review. We are always happy to hear of people enjoying the local produce! We have more info for those of you that would like to know more about Fresno area CSAs. Spread the word, shop local!

Kelsey picking up her box

Kelsey picking up her KMK Farms CSA box

KMK Newsletter and recipe

KMK Newsletter and recipe inside the box

Kelsey's opening her CSA box

Kelsey’s opening her CSA box

Kelsey's CSA box contents

Kelsey is excited with the contents of her KMK Farms CSA box


Kelsey Approved!

Kelsey Approved!