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Farmers Markets, Farm Stands and CSAs: do you know?

If you would like information to be published on PLATE Fresno about your farmers market, farm stand or CSA in Fresno County, just go to our Contact page, fill out the vendor inquiry form and we will review the request for posting.

logo-platefresnoIf you would like to be listed on PLATE Fresno, you can use the same form to request the listing!

Here are some PLATE Fresno post ideas:

  • Produce or local farmers market related information
  • Photos of anything produce or local farmers market related
  • Special events or happenings in the valley related to local produce/farmers markets
  • Recipe ideas using local ingredients

So as you can see, pretty much anything to do with local produce, farms, farmers markets!

We want your info! Think of PLATE Fresno as your personal marketing platform.