Find Farmers Markets, Farm Stands and CSAs in Fresno County

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Find Fresno Farmers Markets Farm Stands and CSAs

PLATE Fresno is a marketing campaign, promoting farm-to-table alternatives in Fresno County, including farmers markets, CSAs, as well as other farm stands. PLATE Fresno allows consumers to search for Farmers Markets, Farm Stands and CSAs, locating the nearest produce to the address entered in the search.

Across the nation; in Fresno especially, there currently exists a lack of information on farmers’ market in addition to farm-to-table agricultural entities. A large portion of the public is unaware of the availability of local food efforts, unable to easily find information on market locations, hours, prices, and type of food.

 find Fresno Farmers Markets Farm Stands and CSAs.Through this project, we propose to improve access to information plus promote healthy eating while supporting the local economy. Markets will directly benefit from assistance with signage, promotion and evaluation of markets. This grant also looks to reduce the marketing burden on farmers’ markets and CSAs by using the majority of grant funds to create a platform for all markets to promote their businesses as well as foster long-lasting connections with the communities they serve.

We hope to provide markets and other entities with services that will enhance and augment their ongoing marketing efforts, creating synergy in addition to fostering collaborative opportunities for vendors and markets alike. Use our map to find Fresno Farmers Markets Farm Stands and CSAs.

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